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Staff – Main Staff Directory

Prof. John Gilmer Head of School 896–2795
Helen Thornbury School Administrative Manager 896–2938
Assoc. Prof. Lidia Tajber Director of Research 896–2787
Assoc. Prof. John Walsh Director of Teaching & Learning (Undergraduate) 896–2806
Assoc. Prof. Carlos Medina Director of Teaching & Learning (Postgraduate) 896–2823
Assoc. Prof. Martin Henman Director of Global Affairs 896–2826
Prof. Carsten Ehrhardt Professor 896–2441
Prof. John Gilmer Professor 896–2795
Prof. Anne Marie Healy Professor 896–1444
Prof. Lorraine O'Driscoll Professor 896–2822
Prof. Cristín Ryan Professor 896-8452
Assoc. Prof. Fábio Boylan Associate Professor 896–4154
Assoc. Prof. Deirdre D'Arcy Assistant Professor 896-2785
Assoc. Prof. Neil Frankish

Associate Professor 896–2825
Assoc. Prof. Andrew Harkin Associate Professor 896–8575
Assoc. Prof. Martin Henman Associate Professor 896–2826
Assoc. Prof. Carlos Medina Assistant Professor 896-2823
Assoc. Prof. Helen Sheridan Associate Professor 896–2828
Assoc. Prof. Sheila Ryder Associate Professor 896–2786
Assoc. Prof. Astrid Sasse Associate Professor 896–2797
Assoc. Prof. Lidia Tajber Associate Professor 896–2787

Assoc. Prof. John Walsh

Associate Professor 896–2806
Assoc. Prof. David Finlay Assistant Professor 896–3564
Asst. Prof Niamh O'Boyle Assistant Professor 896–2524
Asst. Prof. Juliette O'Connell Assistant Professor 896-2819
Asst. Prof. Máire O'Dwyer Assistant Professor 896-2794
Asst. Prof. John Quigley Assistant Professor 896–2792
Asst. Prof. Maria Jose Santos-Martinez Assistant Professor 896–4281
Asst. Prof. Monica Strugaru Assistant Professor 896-8452
Asst. Prof Eduardo Ruiz-Hernandez Assistant Professor 896–2844
Asst. Prof. Sinead Smith Assistant Professor 896–3697
Assoc. Prof. Tamasine Grimes Associate Professor 896-2805
Assoc. Prof. Cicely Roche Associate Professor 896-2827
Asst. Prof. Theo Ryan Assistant Professor 896-2557
Asst. Prof Eimear Ni Sheachnasaigh Assistant Professor 896-8451
Mrs Niamh McMahon Adjunct Assistant Professor 896-3181

Mrs. Karen Rossi

Boots Teacher Practitioner


Ms. Claire O'Neill Boots Teacher Practitioner 896-3585
Mr. Jonathan Walsh Instructional Designer 896–4340
Ms. Louise Griffin Administrative Officer, MSc/Dip Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology 896–2811
Mrs. Marian Cash Executive Officer, M.Sc./Diploma in Community Pharmacy 896–3736
Ms. Catherine Muldowney Executive Officer, Postgraduate 896–2791
Ms. Catherine O'Brien Programme Manager, Centre for Doctoral Training in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technology 896-3489
Ms. Sian Cregan Project Administrator, TRAIN-EV 896-2790
Ms. Helen Byrne-Jacob Administrative Officer, Undergraduate Sophister Years 896–2350
Ms. Katherine Walsh Senior Executive Officer, Undergraduate Fresh Years 896–2803
Ms. Elizabeth O'Shaughnessy Senior Executive Officer, Main School Office 896–2809
Dr. Carolina Garciarena Chief Technical Officer 1 896–2814
Mr. Brian Talbot Chief Technical Officer 896–2842
Ms. Therese Moloney Senior Technical Officer 896–2824/ 2842
Ms. Rhona Prendergast Senior Technical Officer 896–2831
Mr. Trevor Woods Technical Officer 896–2833
Ms. Olga Knutova Technical Officer 896-2833
Mr. Conan Murphy Technical Stores Person 896–2833
Ms. Maureen Brunt Senior Lab Attendant 896-2854/2856
Mrs. Irene Pelow Senior Lab Attendant 896-2831
Prof. Owen Corrigan Fellow Emeritus 896–2782
Prof. Patrick Deasy Fellow Emeritus 896-2784
Prof. Mary Meegan Fellow Emeritus 896–2798
MSc/Dip Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology
Mrs. Lorna Loughrey Course Coordinator 896–2812
Ms. Louise Griffin Administrative Officer 896–2811
M.Sc./Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Asst. Prof. Maria Jose Santos-Martinez Course Coordinator 896–4281
Asst. Prof Eduardo Ruiz-Hernandez Course Coordinator 896–2844
M.Sc. in Hospital Pharmacy
Mrs. Niamh McMahon Course Coordinator 896-3181/416-2586
Ms. Marianne Crowley Administrator 896-3489/416-2467


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