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Professor Owen I. Corrigan


Owen Corrigan Prof. Owen I. Corrigan BSc (Pharm), MA. Ph.D., FTCD, FPSI, FRIAM
 Fellow Emeritus
 Phone: +353-1-896-2782
 Location: Panoz Institute, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.


Research Associate.



Professor Owen I. Corrigan's general area of research is in Pharmaceutical Technology, Clinical Pharmacy, Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics.


(last 5 yrs)

2007-2011 Solid State Pharamceuticals Clusters (SSPC) - SFI Strategic Research Cluster (€6,971,997 total funding with partners). Co-PI Dr. Anne Marie Healy; Consultant Prof. Owen Corrigan.

2007-2010 Irish Drug Delivery Research Network (IDDRN) - SFI Strategic Research Cluster (€5,278,749 total funding with partners). Co-PI Dr. Carsten Ehrhardt; Consultant Prof. Owen Corrigan.

2007-2010 Use of high performance computing to predict dissolution relevant to vivo drug absorption. (IRCSET funded project). Dr. D. D'Arcy, Prof. O.L. Corrigan.

2007-2010 Solid-state and micromeritic characterisation of spray dried microparticles. IRCSET funded Embark Initiative project. Ph.D. student Krysztof Paluch, Supervisor Dr. Anne Marie Healy, co-supervisor O.L. Corrigan.

2007-2010 Innovation Partnerships project grant (with Merrion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.): Development of innovative and commercially viable microemulsion, pentration enhancer based delivery systems and formulation of high potential new medicines using this technoilogy: Enterprise Ireland: €161,973 (Collaborator Dr. AM Healy).

2006-2009 EI Technology Development project grant. "Particle engineering of nanoporous microparticles - a platform technology for drug delivery": €399,740 (Collaborator Dr. AM Healy).