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Disease, Drug Mechanisms & Safety

  • Platelet pathology and pharmacology of anti-platelet drugs
  • Pharmacology, nanopharmacology and nanotoxicology of soluble and surface-bound nanoparticles
  • Pathophysiology and experimental therapeutics of inflammatory diseases
  • Neuropharmacology; investigating pathophysiological mechanisms and new therapeutic targets for neurological and psychiatric disorders

Pharmacy Professors Associated with Disease, Drug Mechanisms & Safety

Boylan, Fabio

D’Arcy, Deirdre
Ehrhardt, Carsten

Finlay, David

Frankish, Neil
Gilmer, John
Grimes, Tamasine

Harkin, Andrew

Henman, Martin
Medina, Carlos

Meegan, Mary

O’Driscoll, Lorraine

Roche, Cicely

Rossi, Karen

Ryder, Sheila

Santos-Martinez, Maria Jose

Sasse, Astrid

Sheridan, Helen

Smith, Sinead

Tajber, Lidia

Walsh, John