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Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

  • Design, production and evaluation of advanced drug delivery systems
  • Optimisation of formulations for poorly soluble drugs
  • Advancing conventional formulation and manufacturing of solid dosage form medicinal products
  • Evaluation of the impact of pharmaceutical processing on drug characteristics and performance
  • Nanosized delivery systems for small and macro-molecules
  • Pharmaceutical salts and cocrystals
  • Formulation of lipid-based delivery systems
  • Identification of absorption pathways
  • Pulmonary drug delivery
  • Drug disposition after pulmonary administration
  • Drug-transporter interactions
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Dissolution testing and simulation

Pharmacy Professors Associated with Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

D’Arcy, Deirdre
Ehrhardt, Carsten

Healy, Anne Marie
Tajber, Lidia