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Cancer Research

  • Target identification & validation
  • Natural anti-cancer agents
  • Synthetic chemistry/biologically active molecules
  • Targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic agents
  • Molecular mechanisms: cancer development, progression, drug resistance
  • Diagnostic, prognostic & companion in vitro diagnostic biomarkers
  • Exosomes & platelets in cancer progress, angiogenesis, drug-resistance
  • Nano-delivery of anti-cancer agents
  • Pharmaco-kinetics & -dynamics of anti-cancer drugs
  • Clinical trials design & development
  • Drug efficacy, toxicity & ADR evaluation

Structured PhD in Cancer Research (PDF)

Open - PhD position in Asst. Prof. Niamh OBoyles Research Group (PDF)

Pharmacy Professors Associated with Cancer Research

Finlay, David
Gilmer, John
Henman, Martin
Medina, Carlos
Meegan, Mary
O’Driscoll, Lorraine

Radomski, Marek

Santos-Martinez, Maria Jose

Sheridan, Helen

Walsh, John