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Our Vision

To create an adaptive and innovative workforce with high levels of technical skills for all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and academic research.

Course Listing

Research M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programmes


Including nanopharmacology, nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems and nanodiagnostics.

Drug Delivery & Targeting

Including oral drug delivery (colon-specific, aspirin, protein prodrugs); respiratory drug delivery; macromolecular drug delivery (new technologies, materials, liposomes etc.); nanoparticles; anticancer drug targeting.

Drug Discovery/Design

Including anticancer medicinal chemistry; novel anti-allergic compounds; novel antibiotics. In silico design of new drugs and therapies including High-Performance-Computing (HPC) applications in drug delivery system (DDS) design in vitro and in vivo; In silico high throughput screening for drug discovery.

Drug Action

Including neuropharmacology/aging diseases and therapies; inflammation/ immunomodulation; platelet biology and anti-cancer therapies.

Pharmaceutical Cell Biology

Including drug transport in human respiratory epithelium; interaction between drug delivery systems and cell culture models; development and characterisation of in vitro models for drug absorption across epithelial barriers of the lung, the GIT and the eye.

Practice of Pharmacy

Including pharmaceutical care & continuous improvement of Practice Standards; health care policy and service delivery; health promotion in Primary Care; hospital pharmacy and drug use in hospitals.

Collaborative research is also ongoing with other academic and industry groups, both at national and international levels. In addition,


Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning:
Assoc. Professor Cathal Cadogan

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