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Dean's Research Initiatives Fund

Congratulations to our Research Fellow Oliviero Gobbo for his winning application!Oliviero Gobbo

The winning applications were spread across all schools in the Faculty - Nursing & Midwifery (1), Pharmacy (1), Dental (1) and Medicine (6). There was also a spread across all six focus areas - Ageing (2), Biomedical Sciences (2), Cancer (2), Digital Health (1), Evidence Based Clinical Practice (1) and Population Health (1).

There were 9 awards granted - the Faculty had initially advertised 6 awards, however the standard of the applications was so high that the selection panel fought very hard for these nine projects, and managed to source some additional funding to be able to award funding to all nine.

Here are the successful projects:




Project Title


Burke, Eilish

Nursing & Midwifery

Better Bones Better Health: Development of a risk assessment tool for the prediction of osteopenia and osteoporosis among people with intellectual disability


May, Peter


Retrospective cohort study of healthcare utilisation among adults with frailty in Ireland and the United States (RADIUS)

Biomedical Sciences

Duncan, Hal

Dental Science

Epigenetic approaches: Therapeutic targeting of histone deacetylases (HDAC) in dentine-pul[ regeneration treatment strategies

Biomedical Sciences

Nakagome, Shigeki


Transcriptional profiling of inter-individual variation in immune
response underlying schizophrenia


Gobbo, Oliviero

Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Assessment of a nanocarrier to deliver trastuzumab through the Blood Brain Barrier in a murine model of HER2+ breast cancer brain metastasis.


Maher, Stephen


Development of a novel biomolecular scaffold for radiosensitising microRNA delivery

Digital Health

Dunne, Padraic


Design of a bespoke application (app) to enhance adherence and compliance to a meditation programme designed to reduce emotional burnout in emergency department staff.

Evidence-based clinical practice

Duggan, Sinead


Type 3c diabetes in pancreatic disease

Population Health

Naimimohasses, Sara


A pilot study to develop a non-invasive bioclinical tool for the identification of obesity related fatty liver disease