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M.Sc. in Hospital Pharmacy


My department has been associated with the Masters course since its foundation in 1996. I believe that the academic rigour of the course is such that those who embrace it will come out well-armed for a successful career whether as a clinical pharmacist or a manager/leader. Looking back over the list of students who have completed the course in those two decades, I was struck by the large proportion of people whom I would regard as high achievers since they graduated, going on to deliver the highest standards of excellence as clinical pharmacists but also as leaders in the profession. Many have gone on to influence the profession and the wider health service on the national stage.
From Hospital Head of Department


I have found that the Trinity Masters in Hospital Pharmacy has provided me with an extensive education in all areas of hospital pharmacy. I feel that the course is unique in that it provides face-to-face interaction with lecturers, which worked really well for me in terms of understanding and affording the opportunity to ask questions. I particularly appreciated the confidence I gained in my daily work, as I put into practice the up-to-date knowledge base that was delivered to the highest standard from experienced lecturers. The structure of the course allows for the development of a comprehensive set of skills both academic and practical, which have definitely stood to me in my career today.
From Graduate of M.Sc. in Hospital Pharmacy


I would highly recommend the TCD MSc in Hospital Pharmacy. The course's strengths are manifold including taught lectures, strong tutor involvement from base hospitals and long history of producing excellent graduates. It covers all aspects of hospital pharmacy (clinical, aseptics, MI, dispensary, management etc) and has a very strong research component. I would like to particularly highlight two major strengths. The first is student support. Students on this course have the weekly support of each other at lectures and ongoing support from the Course Co-ordinator. Most importantly, students have continuous input from tutors at their base site with whom they are working on real live cases and policy issues. This compares very favourably with distance learning courses which are a more lonely experience and will of necessity involve more scenarios rather than actual cases.

The second strength is the preparation this course gives to students for future senior and extended roles in the hospital pharmacy. The coursework is very multifaceted e.g. clerkship exercises encourage students to take on active policy work in the hospitals. Also, the assessment methods are very varied, not only exams and written assignments, but tutor led ward assessments, oral presentations to departments, patient cases and clerkship exercises with direct feedback from in house tutors. Students finish the course not only with comprehensive clinical and other hospital pharmacy knowledge but also with great skills in writing, presenting and policy work.
From Lead Tutor of M.Sc. in Hospital Pharmacy