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John Mary Quigley
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pharmacy


John Quigley lectured at University College Dublin in Quantum Mechanics and graduated with a doctorate in Theoretical Solid State Chemistry in 1981. He conducted quantitative structure-activity studies on the absorption of phenazine derivatives in terms of their physicio-chemical properties, along with the thermodynamics of transfer between n-octanol and water phases.
Similar studies were performed for a series of b-adrenergic blocking agents in the isooctane-water system, along with the kinetics of hydrolysis of these systems.
These studies have developed into a study of topological indices for a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients, including 5-fluorouracil, b-blocking agents and oxazolidinones.


BSc (1st Class Hons) - Awarded Ryan Medal (1976) Lecturer in Physical Chemistry (UCD) - 1979/1980 PhD thesis: A Study of Ionic Crystals doped with Aliovalent Impurity Ions (Vols I & II) - 1981 Appointed Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (TCD) - 1981

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Soha Maad, Brian Coghlan, Geoff Quigley, John Ryan, Eamonn Kenny and David O'Callaghan, Towards a Complete Grid Filesystem Functionality, Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems, 23, (1), 2007, p123 - 131 Journal Article, 2007 URL URL DOI

Kenny, E., Coghlan, B., Walsh, J., Childs, S., O'Callaghan, D., and Quigley, G., Autobuilding Multiple Ports of Computing Nodes for Grid Computing, Proc.Cracow Grid Workshop 2005, Crakow, Poland, November, 2005, 2006, pp232 - 239 Conference Paper, 2006 URL

Quigley JM, Lloyd DG. , A topological study of prodrugs of 5-fluorouracil, International Journal of Pharmaceutics , 231, (2), 2002, p241 - 251 Journal Article, 2002 DOI URL

J M Quigley & S M Naughton, The interrelation of Physicochemical Parameters and Topological Descriptors for a series of Ò-blocking Agents, Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 42, (4), 2002, p976 - 982 Journal Article, 2002

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

J.M. Quigley, A.P. McHugh and R. O'Connor, A Study of the Physicochemical Parameters of Ciprofloxacin Analogues, The 3rd International Symposium - Computational Methods in Toxicology & Pharmacology, Integrating Internet Resources (CMPTI), Shanghai, edited by J. H. Yao , 2005, pp35 - 35 Conference Paper, 2005


Awards and Honours

Hugh Ryan Memorial Medal 1976


Member of the Institute of Chemistry in Ireland