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Prof. Michael Heinrich to present guest lecture on 2nd November 2017

Professor Michael Heinrich UCL School of Pharmacy, University of London will be in the School on Thursday, 2nd November 2017 at 12 noon, LTEE1 to present his lecture: From Plant to Shelves: Why should pharmacists and MDs worry about sustainability and quality?
Prof Michael Heinrich
Michael Heinrich is a Professor of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Plant Research (Pharmacognosy) and was until recently the head of the research cluster ‘Biodiversity andMedicines’ at the UCL School of Pharmacy. He currently serves as the interim joint chair of UCL’s Research Ethics Committee (with Dr. L. Ang, Institute of Education).

The group's research is based on a transdisciplinary perspective integrating approaches from the biomedical and social sciences with an overall aim of tackling the fast changing global health needs. Key areas of interest include the prevention and early stage management of diabetes / metabolic syndrome and cancer chemoprevention based on the use of traditional medicines as well as value chains of (herbal) medicinal products. The research integrates methodological approaches from ethnopharmacology, natural product research, public health research, and anthropology.