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Code of Conduct Ceremony January 2016

Commitment to the Student Code of Conduct underpins and supports each pharmacy student’s journey on his or her way to registration as a pharmacist. As the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences embarks on its first delivery of the Five-Year Fully Integrated Master’s Degree Programme in Pharmacy, all staff want to assure that incoming students recognise the significance of their commitment to this Code, and understand the implications of being bound by its six core principles:

  1. Your primary concern must be to maintain and improve the health, wellbeing, care and safety of patients.
  2. Develop your professional competence, skills and standing so as to bring health gain and value to the community and society.
  3. Be honest and trustworthy and show respect for others.
  4. Conduct yourself in a manner which enhances the service provided to society and which will maintain the good name of your profession.
  5. Maintain your professional knowledge and competence.
  6. Be aware of your obligations under the Code of Conduct and do not do anything which constitutes a breach of the Code.

Junior Freshman students developed an understanding of the Code, and the associated meaning of being a professional, through lectures, workshops, problem-based learning and online activities in their first term on the programme.

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At a ceremony held at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences on Wednesday 27th January, students publicly declared their commitment to this Code. They were addressed by the Head of School, Professor Anne-Marie Healy, after which she presented each student with a certificate to mark the occasion. The Director of undergraduate Teaching and Learning, Dr. Astrid Sasse, the Junior Freshman year co-ordinator, Dr. John Walsh and several other members of staff were also in attendance.


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