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In case of emergency:

The internal telephone number 1999 provides immediate access to professional assistance on a 24-hour basis.

Be prepared to state:

  • Type of assistance required (ambulance, fire brigade, police etc.)
  • Type of emergency (fire, injury, etc.)
  • Name, extension number and location.
If possible and safe to do so, keep close to the telephone, in order to give further information should it be required by the emergency services.

This number should only be used in an emergency; other contact details can be found in the contact information section.

Action in the event of a fire:

  1. If the fire is small, make one attempt at putting it out
  2. If the fire is still burning, raise the alarm and ring Ext. 1999
  3. Leave the building and go to the nearest fire assembly point
  4. On hearing the alarm, everyone should leave the building and go directly to the fire assembly point
  5. Familiarize yourself with exit routes and with the position of fire extinguishers



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