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The Five-Year Integrated Pharmacy Programme (M.Pharm)

The model of pharmacist education and training is changing in Ireland (see The PSI website). As a result, the three schools of pharmacy in Ireland (TCD, UCC and RCSI) have worked with all the major stakeholders to develop five-year Pharmacy (Integrated) programmes for delivery in each of the institutions.

Programme Brochure

Curriculum overview

The new curriculum and structure for the Five-year Pharmacy (Integrated) Programme commenced in September 2015.  Those students who carry on to successfully complete year four of the programme will be awarded a B.Sc. (Pharm.) and may progress into a postgraduate fifth year which leads to the award of a M.Pharm. The M.Pharm. will be required for registration as a pharmacist with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. Students participating in the new programme will be subject to the then-applicable postgraduate fees and costs which will be payable for the fifth year.

The five-year integrated Pharmacy programme comprises a variety of approaches to teaching Pharmacy by friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic and approachable staff: Lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, small-group teaching, problem-based learning, site-visits, computer-assisted learning, web discussion boards, wikis, online group assignments, communication skills, career planning, clinical case studies, inter-professional learning, laboratory and dispensing practicals and a research project.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are state-funded for the first four years of the programme for students who satisfy the Free Fees Criteria (see: A tuition fee will, however, have to be paid by all students for the fifth year of this programme. It is estimated that the fee will be circa €8,000.


Modules are assessed by final examinations and continuous assessment, such as written assignments, essays, lab reports, OSCEs (objective structured clinical examinations), etc. which contribute to the overall mark in a module. There are approximately 16 hours of lectures, 6 hours of laboratory classes and 1 tutorial per week over the course of the Junior Fresh (first) year. Work experience in community, hospital and industry occurs throughout the course.

Junior Fresh

Code Module Title ECTS
PG1101 Physiology 5
BY1P02 Cell and Molecular Biology 5
BIPH01 Biochemistry 5
PH1101 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry for Pharmacy 10
PH1102 Physical Pharmacy I 5
PH1103 Pharmaceutical Analysis I 5
PH1104 Introduction to Pharmaceutics and Formulation 5
PH1105 Mathematical Methods and Pharmaceutical Calculations 5
PH11P6 Practice of Pharmacy I 10
PH1109 General Principles of Pharmacology 5

Senior Fresh

Code Module Title ECTS
PH2101 Properties & Analysis of Materials used in Medicines 10
PH2104 Physical Pharmacy, Formulation and Pharmaceutical Technology 15
PH2106 Practice of Pharmacy II 10
PH2108 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry and Biotechnology 10
PH2110 Molecular & Chemotherapeutic Pharmacology and Clinical Therapeutics 10
PH2111 Blood, Cardiovascular & Renal Pharmacology and Clinical Therapeutics 5

Junior Sophister

Code Module Title ECTS
PH3103 Natural Sources of Drugs and Substances used in Medicines 10
PH3104 Sterile Products and Advanced Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 10
PH3106 Practice of Pharmacy III 10
PH3109 Endocrine & Reproductive Pharmacology and Clinical Therapeutics 5
PH3110 Respiratory & Gastrointestinal Pharmacology and Clinical Therapeutics 10
PH3111 Malignant Disease, Immune & Ocular Systems and Clinical Therapeutics 10
PH3112 Neuropharmacology and Clinical Therapeutics 5

Senior Sophister

Code Module Title ECTS
PH4100* Organisation and Management Skills 10
PH4200* Professional Skills Development 10
PH4300* Professional Practice 10
PH4101 Pharmaceutical Data Analysis & Bioinformatics 5
PH4102 Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV 5
PH4105 Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Biopharmaceutics & Drug Metabolism 5
PH4107 Practice and Therapeutics & Professionalism and Ethics 5
PH4112 Research Project 10

*Placement Modules

5th Year

Code Module Title ECTS
MPH5101 Industrial Pharmacy 5
MPH5103 Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Context, Legislation, Standards and Practice 5
MPH5104 Advanced Drug Delivery & Molecular Pharmaceutics 5
MPH5106 Practice of Pharmacy & Integrated Pharmacy Skills 10
MPH5108 Addiction Pharmacy 5
MPH5100 Supply of Medicines and Organisation and Management Skills 10
MPH5200 Leading the Safe and Rational Use of Medicines 10
MPH5300 Professional Practice and Public Health 10
MPH5400 Practice Research Project 30

Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning:
Associate Professor John Walsh

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