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Assistant Professor John Quigley

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

 Asst. Prof. John Quigley B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.,  M.I.C.I.
 Assistant Professor
 Phone: +353-1-896-2792
 Location: Panoz Institute, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.


Module Coordinator and College Tutor.



John Quigley lectured at University College Dublin in Quantum Mechanics and graduated with a doctorate in Theoretical Solid State Chemistry in 1981. He conducted quantitative structure-activity studies on the absorption of phenazine derivatives in terms of their physicio-chemical properties, along with the thermodynamics of transfer between n-octanol and water phases.
Similar studies were performed for a series of b-adrenergic blocking agents in the isooctane-water system, along with the kinetics of hydrolysis of these systems.
These studies have developed into a study of topological indices for a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients, including 5-fluorouracil, b-blocking agents and oxazolidinones.





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