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Cancer Research

  • Target identification & validation
  • Natural anti-cancer agents
  • Synthetic chemistry/biologically active molecules
  • Targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic agents
  • Molecular mechanisms: cancer development, progression, drug resistance
  • Diagnostic, prognostic & companion in vitro diagnostic biomarkers
  • Exosomes & platelets in cancer progress, angiogenesis, drug-resistance
  • Nano-delivery of anti-cancer agents
  • Pharmaco-kinetics & -dynamics of anti-cancer drugs
  • Clinical trials design & development
  • Drug efficacy, toxicity & ADR evaluation

    Structured PhD in Cancer Research


    Pharmacy Professors Associated with Cancer Research

    Finlay, David
    Gilmer, John
    Henman, Martin
    Medina, Carlos
    Meegan, Mary
    O’Driscoll, Lorraine

    Santos-Martinez, Maria Jose

    Sheridan, Helen

    Walsh, John



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