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Why Study a postgraduate programme in Pharmacy at TCD?

The TCD School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is the longest established centre for pharmaceutical education in Ireland with postgraduate degrees by research having been offered by the School since 1977.

To find out more about the main research programmes in the school please see postgraduate study

Postgraduate programmes

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Science Without Borders

If you are a Brazilian National who wishes to study at Trinity as part of the Science Without Borders Programme, please see the following link to the list of research projects in pharmceutics that can be applied for as part of this initiative.

International Student Testimonial

Ireland is a beautiful country blessed with lush vegetation and blue ocean. I especially enjoy the lovely sceneries of green hills and the traditional Irish music. I will describe Ireland as the land of friendly people. I have travelled to many countries across few continents. I met many people of different background and nationalities. I wholeheartedly agree that Irish people are very cheerful, friendly and helpful. They also have a great sense of humor. I would say Ireland is one of the most pleasant countries for international students to settle in easily. English is commonly used and Dublin is a vibrant city, inhabited by a melting-pot society.
I met some of the most inspirational people in TCD that teach me about research and life. I enjoy attending the lectures organized by Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI) and am especially inspired by the commitment shown to alleviate poverty in third world countries. Doing a PhD is a chance of a lifetime and it is like a dream come true for many students who want to experience studying abroad. I think it is important to be working with highly competent and motivated researchers to produce high impact research. I found all this here in the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. The technical staff is skilled and supportive. The laboratories in Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) are equipped with state-of-art facilities. There are many scientific lectures and training sessions to attend and interesting professors to meet. The days spent here in TCD are always exciting indeed! In short, I finally understand what it means by “the world is your oyster”, at least in the research world, here in TCD.

Kit Chan, Malaysia, PhD Student TCD

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